Bandeau Lasociete 

The Company

INEO POSTES ET CENTRALES is active in two markets. Our initial business is working with energy production companies, providing turnkey solutions for the main energy producers in France, EDF and CNR. Using this experience, we specialized in the design and production of high voltage transformers, management systems and control systems for high voltage substations.

In parallel to this INEO POSTES ET CENTRALES has accrued substantial expertise in « lightning » protection and prevention. Furthermore, after several years of design, analysis and trials, we also developed a range of specialized products to detect and anticipate the effects of lightning strikes and instigate preventive action.

Our  « lightning protection » team  provides solutions to industrial complexes for protection against damage caused by lightning. Subject to the rules and regulations in force, INEO can provide advice and consulting services,  on-site diagnostics, and execute the necessary improvements and installations to protect against such risks.

Background : INEO's lightning protection experience.
Thanks to years of experience, research and development, INEO has succeeded in establishing themselves in the market and selling their products worldwide. INEO's expertise in the field has made them a leader in lightning detection and protection.