Bandeau Foudre 
Storm Electrostatic Measuring Equipment

category Detection / Prevention
AMEO340 is used to analyse storm related meteorological risks. The unit provides warnings of approaching storms so that lightning risks can be anticipated and preventive action taken. The equipment continuously measures the electric field at ground level in KV/m. When there are no storm clouds in the sky, the electric field at ground level is weak, at around 150V/m. An approaching storm cloud, however, will influence the electric field. Depending on the size of the storm clouds and the topography of the site being protected, the reading can jump to tens of kilovolts per metre, which is conducive to an electric discharge towards the ground. The AMEO340 unit analyses electric field changes over a radius of more than 15 km, which provides between 15 to 20 minutes notice of a potential risk. This is adequate time to take any necessary precautionary measures. A wider area can be covered, providing a longer lead time, by using a number of units in a network. (see AMEONET information download).
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